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Static Site Generation with Pelican and Github Actions

A rundown on how I built this site, using Pelican (a Python-based static site generator) and Github Actions. Yes, this Geocities-looking crap is more modern than it seems.



Digispark-based USB Volume Knob

This is a very basic beginner-friendly project that gives a physical volume knob that works on most desktop/laptops. Using a rotary encoder, a Digispark microcontroller, a few soldered wires, some pre-existing firmware from Adafruit, and a 3D printed housing, we get a super tidy and tiny dial for controlling the system volume (or map it to whatever you want).



Arcade Macro Board for OBS

A macro keyboard made of arcade buttons. Acts like a normal USB keyboard, but each arcade button runs multi-key macros/shortcuts such as CTRL-ALT-SHIFT-1, which you can then map in OBS to any OBS function.



Why does this website look so broken? It doesn't, it's perfect!

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