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I’m an all-round IT professional who has been tinkering with computers and the Internet since the early 90s. I’ve done everything from full-stack web development for fortune 500s, graphic design for print media, back-end and CMS development for Government departments, IT project management, Infosec/Pentesting, to consulting on all of the above and everything in between. I'm the definition of "Jack of all trades, master of none", but it's done me well so far and I enjoy learning lots of different fields for a solid overall knowledge of IT, rather than specialising.


I’m a huge supporter of open source software, right to privacy, right to repair, and general human rights.

Due a prolonged battle with cancer (and disabilities caused by that battle), I can no longer work full time, and spend my days looking after my kids and dealing with my health issues.

Most of my spare time these days is spent hacking on physical electronics (rpi, arduino, esp, etc), playing with DIY “cloud”-free home automation (especially in areas that assist people with disabilities), remote control cars/boats/drones/blimps/objects, internet security, privacy activism/hacktivism, and reading endless scifi novels.

I'm a huge design/aesthetics nerd and enjoy all types of design, from art/graphics to 3D models and industrial design. As you can tell from this website though, my tastes lean slightly towards the "nostalgic" side ;)

Hack The Planet


Find me and my projects spread out across the following links: - Mastodon instance ran by my local hackerspace/makerspace. I sporadically post project updates and random stuff here.

Github @SenWerks - Code and various files relating to my projects.

Printables @SenWerks - 3D printable files I designed for myself or for others. - My page, I'm a big fan of old-school web communities like this.

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